60 Minutes Alefantis/FAKE NEWS Sunday!!

60 minutes aired their weekly program on CBS which opened up with Anderson Cooper. This has been the second time I’ve watched 60 minutes and seen Anderson hosting/submitting a story. It’s bizarre to me, why/how am I seeing him on CNN all day, and then you turn on CBS and he’s hosting their programs too? These people don’t sleep, they are on tv running their mouths starting at 7am and at 10pm, sometimes even later, they are still on tv, talking about the same story they were talking about at 7am. You would think with all the millions these people make shilling for these major networks, they would spend time with their so called “families”, but instead I see them not only on one network shilling but TWO! Either way, this 60 minutes featured two stories I’m going to talk about here. The first, as I said before, gets...


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