Yes, I finally have a website. The Black Matrix will try to be everything that people have come to know “The Black Child” YouTube channel to be. Having this website allows us to cover more ground, more news and information than just the YouTube channel can provide. I’ve been making content on YouTube for over four years now, and the time to make a content driven website had passed some time ago. So with that said, I introduce you to THE BLACK MATRIX.   The site will feature all of the videos published on “The Black Child” channel, as well as a personal “blurb” giving my thoughts on the creation of, and the overall thought process behind each video. I will try to give a more personal feel to this site and give you all a more behind the scenes aspect to the production of the vids. I will also write on some of the news stories of the day with my own personal thoughts, compounded with what I know through the few years of research I have acquired about the so called...


Survival XL gold Emergency Blankets 5-Pack

Used mostly for heat insulation and their reflective material, these multi-use, gold reflective mylar blankets are essential for an emergency go bag, camping bag, or to store in your car or vehicle to protect you from the elements in extreme weather conditions. Waterproof, windproof and retaining ov...