HEALTH Season 1

HEALTH is here!! Yes, this is a brand EXCLUSIVE to this website, The first product available are the HEALTH XL GOLD MYLAR SURVIVAL BLANKETS. These are sold in a 5-pack that also includes a guide with various different multi-purpose uses that the blankets can be used in. I’ve personally done quite an amount of research into this product and there are more uses for these Mylar sheets than you can imagine, even more than are in the guide. These blankets are the launch product for the HEALTH brand, and soon, with your help and support, we will launch more products as well as apparel and gear. For those who d...


Survival XL gold Emergency Blankets 5-Pack [FREE SHIPPING (Only in Continental U.S)]

  Used mostly for heat insulation and their reflective material, these multi-use, gold reflective mylar blankets are essential for an emergency go bag, camping bag, or to store in your car or vehicle to protect you from the elements in extreme weather conditions. Waterproof, windproof and re...