60 minutes aired their weekly program on CBS which opened up with Anderson Cooper. This has been the second time I’ve watched 60 minutes and seen Anderson hosting/submitting a story. It’s bizarre to me, why/how am I seeing him on CNN all day, and then you turn on CBS and he’s hosting their programs too? These people don’t sleep, they are on tv running their mouths starting at 7am and at 10pm, sometimes even later, they are still on tv, talking about the same story they were talking about at 7am. You would think with all the millions these people make shilling for these major networks, they would spend time with their so called “families”, but instead I see them not only on one network shilling but TWO!

Either way, this 60 minutes featured two stories I’m going to talk about here. The first, as I said before, gets kicked off with Anderson Cooper doing a story on the so called “Garland TERROR Attack”, which consisted of an American black man and an foreign born Arab letting off shots outside a Texas convention center.

According to Anderson’s reporting, Elton Simpson (the black man) converted to Islam and almost immediately came under surveillance. Apparently, the government was paying a Somali immigrant $132,000 a year salary to be a so called “Mosque Crawler”,

and watch the activities and people within this particular mosque in Texas and report back. On a side note, the fact that a program exists where immigrants from Africa and the Arab nations come on over and get an annual tax-payer funded salary of more than the average US citizen is absolutely sickening. I’m all for the capitalist dream, whether it be a legal or illegal citizen, but it’s bad enough these people MAY not even be citizens and getting taxpayer money to be a “watcher”, but then once we find out the actual outcome of Elton Simpson, the man this Somali informant/“mosque crawler” targeted, you just realize the government collects your hard earned money every paycheck and/or annually to partake in activities that actively target American citizens for organized harassment/destruction.


Back to the 60 minutes segment, once this black man Elton Simpson became aware of the Somali’s status as a government informant, and the government’s surveillance on him, according to the mosque leader, he became very “disillusioned”. (That particular word, “disillusioned” you will hear the MSM frequently use to describe these “mass shooters.”) What was also interesting was how the “mosque leader” mentioned his mosque was under FBI surveillance. He seemed almost nonchalant about it, “yeah, they had informants”.




Did he know? Was this part of some sort of “deal” that they allow “mosque crawlers” in to prevent the FBI and others from bringing down the hammer? Of course with CBS/Anderson Cooper’s joint venture, we will never know the answer to that one.

The “mosque leader” tells us that Elton became “disillusioned” and didn’t want to be apart of the mosque anymore as if him being targeted by the FBI and a Somali informant wasn’t enough. Elton moves in with the Arab guy from the same mosque and eventually becomes “radicalized”. So radicalized according to Anderson, that him and the roommate acquired dozens of weapons and an arsenal of ammo and targeted a “Draw the Prophet Mohammed” contest being held at the Garland convention center being hosted by a horrific jewish woman/stunt queen who will host these type of events to get Muslims and Arabs angry.


Anderson, in true CIA operative fashion, makes sure to let us know all these “attacks” are inspired by ISIS  and even if the “attacker” had no training by ISIS recruiters or even if these were American citizens, this is “ISIS inspired” therefore ISIS CARRIED OUT THE ATTACK.

The crescendo of Anderson’s report comes when it is revealed by one of the defendant’s attorneys caught in the dragnet of the investigation into Elton Simpson’s “Garland Terror Attack”, that not only was an FBI “undercover agent” in contact with Elton in the days leading up to the attack, he encouraged him to quote “Tear up Texas” in a text, as well as being in THE CAR BEHIND ELTON and the Arab shooter!


After all of Anderson’s shilling and “ISIS talk”, it is revealed that the FBI was running some covert program on Elton Simpson, not once but twice, the second time I would say coercing him into committing so called “terrorist acts”, with a FBI AGENT following right behind them, even taking a picture of police officers that were shot at moments later by the “terrorists”.


The moral of Anderson’s story was the FBI is running an op where they “target” select individuals, mostly who they believe are “sympathizers” to radical elements within ISLAM and then encourage them to commit “terroristic acts”, even sometimes providing them with the weapons. A lot of the time they will do these”FALSE FLAGS” and then say, “look how we made you SAFE, America, give us another 500 Million for “Counter-Terrorism”, which is just more of these same programs. The sad part is innocent American people will lose their lives to a FBI-NSA operation, that those same Americans funded with their taxpayer dollars….

The second story featured is the “FAKE NEWS”/Pizzagate/James Alefantis segment, hosted by an actual CBS employee, Scott Pelley. Scott opens up his monologue along the lines of ”The President uses the word “fake news” to discredit “”responsible reporting” he doesn’t like.” Uh, Scott, shoving down these baseless Russia Accusations night after night after night with NOT ONE arrest/indictment, the claim of so called “responsible reporting” is questionable.

Pelley essentially let us know, his segment is going to be about “taking FAKE NEWS to task..” Of course it starts off with the Comet Ping Pong Pizzeria “shooting” by a man so called “protecting the children” and investigating “Hillary Clinton’s child sex ring” in the basement of the restaurant.

Now as I have mentioned in the past, organized child trafficking goes on, trafficking children for prostitution, pornography, murder, and various other satanic/depraved purposes goes on, not only in this country, but on a global scale. Some of it is organized, and some of the people involved have more money and resources than you can even imagine. However, this “Pizzagate” scandal has always been a huge issue for me, why name it “Pizza-Gate”? To me, that name denigrates victims and levels their claims to that of a food item. Its wrong, but the media loves it because if it were called “Freemason Pedophile Ring”, they couldn’t mock it the way they can with a name like “Pizza-gate”.

I won’t get “into the woods” with the details of the controversy, that may be for a later post. On the 60 minutes segment however, Scott Pelley totally ignores where the “Pizzagate” claims were born from. “The story of Secretary Clinton’s child sex trafficking operation in a pizzeria was invented before the election, by fraudulent news sites, and shared by millions”, Pelley says. These media shills like Pelley can talk about their “”responsible reporting”” all they want, but this was an example of how they “spin”, and why people classify them as “FAKE NEWS”.

Instead of parlaying how John Podesta’s, weird, bizarre, coded emails released by Wikileaks were the catalyst for this Pizzagate hysteria, Pelley simply says it was “ invented before the election, by fraudulent news sites.” Why didn’t Pelley mention the Podesta emails? Is he protecting the so called “pedophiles”?, for the many “Pizzagate” researchers, these are some of the questions they will ask to Pelley’s LACK OF “”responsible reporting””.

We then cut to James Alefantis sob story about how he’d been victimized. Again,although even I find the theory about D.C. child sex trafficking being ran out of  Comet Ping Pong unlikely, (ever heard of CRYSTAL CITY?, thousands of miles of Underground City beneath the Capitol stretching all the way to Virginia?, c’mon people.) Alefantis never made it easy on himself.

He posted wholly inappropriate and disturbing photos both on his social media, in his restaurant and hosted some extremely “faggoty” type events at Comet Ping Pong. He was an easy target, especially because he got caught in the “Podesta emails” dragnet. Again, this was something Pelley never mentioned in his “responsible reporting” segment.

Pelley moves on from Alefantis’ sob story to people who create fake news stories for clicks. He invites some guy on who you immediately can’t stand, and Pelley successfully does a “hit piece” on him, of course using the guy’s own words. Pelley successfully finishes the guy off by saying “Cernovich’s website is just one of hundreds, PUBLISHING NONSENSE on the right, and on the left.” So they essentially use this one guy to say, “If it’s not CBS, CNN, NBC, then its all NONSENSE and go back to sleep”.



That was 60 Minutes Sunday in a nutshell, FALSE FLAGS and FAKE NEWS. I think out of all of it, the fact the Somali “refugee/immigrant” was being paid over $130K USD to spy on American citizens was concerning. I mean he was from Somalia, not like he was used to high standards of living, now he’s getting paid 6 figures to be a “mosque crawler”? I don’t know, maybe its just me, but I think something needs to change.