If you haven’t heard yet, former French President, Nicolas Sarkozy has been arrested in France. It happened about three says ago, and there has been a COMPLETE MEDIA BLACKOUT of his arrest here in America. Sarkozy is finally being charged over the “allegations” that have followed him for years, that his initial presidential campaign was funded by then Libyan Dictator, Muammar Gudaffi. The “media blackout” on this is very interesting to me. As so many of the these MSM “news outlets” broadcast wall-to-wall coverage of Trump all day everyday, its pretty peculiar they couldn’t interrupt maybe 10 minutes of their 24 hour a day Trump bashing. This also extends to FOX News (which I’ll write on later). It may have something to do with Sarkozy’s close relationship with former U.S. President, Barack Obama. During the so called “no fly zone”/assassination of Muammar Gudaffi episode in World History, Sarkozy stood with the rest of the European Union, the “NATO Allies”, as well as Barack Obama and Hillary in assassinating the last person who could really stand in their way of completely destabilizing North Africa.

But as we enter the third day(?) of Sarkozy being charged over these crimes, there is literally no media coverage, no talking heads on CNN, no Rachel Maddow monologue on MSNBC, no “FOX & Friends” discussion on the couch. It’s bizarre watching these people pretend this incident didn’t happen. But at this point I should know these people believe they can make their own history. This brings us to the other reason I believe the media hasn’t addressed it. “AMAL CLOONEY” is why. The person who has given the French Investigators the evidence to charge their former president Sarkozy was/IS a PATERNAL UNCLE to Amal. This man is ZIAD TAKIEDDINE, a “businessperson” (allegedly).

Ziad told the investigators he acted as the “middle man” so that Gudaffi could pay off Nicolas Sarkozy to be his political puppet. This is also in part in Gudaffi’s survivng son, Saif al-Islam, saying he has the PROOF, an audiotape of Sarkozy BEFORE the election accepting the money from his now deceased father. These are events that are just now being brought out into the light, some 10 YEARS after it actually happened. Its all very interesting how interconnected these people are. The connection between ZIAD and his niece, “AMAL” is also interesting since they both seem to do a great job at being so called “FUNDRAISERS” for western political candidates such as HILLARY CLINTON,who is also under investigation herself for “misusing” her position for political “donations” through her so called “Clinton Foundation/Clinton Global Initiative”.

It seems all the dirt these people have done over the last decade is coming back to haunt them. Still, three days in, I can’t wait to hear how MSM will spin this one, as they know its only a matter of time before they HAVE TO address it, which I’m sure will be soon since”conspiracy theorists on the internet are talking about it..” But to be honest, I thought that point was two days ago….

-Black Child