Only four days after hosting the biggest gathering of satanic, negative energy the world has seen all year at the MET Gala, Anna Wintour traveled back to her homeland of the United Kingdom to receive a “DBE” (Dame Commander of The British Empire). This means that Wintour is sliding even further down the “INVERTED PYRAMID” that is the Illuminati.

The fact that Wintour was given this position by Queen Elizabeth four days after the events in New York, means the MET Gala went “according to plan”. All the things the elites over Wintour asked of her, she came through, therefore she is awarded her “dame-hood” as promised.

As with everything of “Duality World” good=bad & bad=good, meaning the media & Buckingham Palace will make this award/”Dame-hood” seem like it’s because of all “the great works” for humanity Wintour does, when in reality it is because this woman worships Satan with some of the richest and most influential satanists there are, and she actively is a participant/perpetrator of whom they have blackmail material on, and has blackmail material on others.

Anna Wintour had already received an OBE (Officer of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire) in 2008 from Elizabeth II. This “dame-hood” in 2017 means there are not many people in “Duality World” who outrank her.


Queen Elizabeth II, is in charge of “The Order of the Garter”, which oversees all Freemasonry worldwide, If/when a Freemason reaches “33rd degree” he pledges to the “Order of the Garter”, which Queen Elizabeth II is the overseer. She is also the “Grand Patroness of Freemasonry”.

Because of Elizabeth’s II placement of Wintour “at a seat at the table”, any and all fashion “it people” must be approved and vetted by Wintour. Not all celebrities and personalities can become “fashion it people” unless they are approved by its high priestess, Anna Wintour.

This seems to have been one of the main reasons so many famous and relevant people attended Anna’s “party”. If you want to be a “relevant/”it person” you have to be approved by this Illuminati member, because she has people that she has to answer to as well, and they need to make sure all the people they are presenting as “fashion ICONS” are apart of Lucifer’s end time, Anti-Christ beast “program” and Anna is the one to oversee this.

After the latest video I did, “WHERE IS KANYE WEST”, many saw the complete demonism, and negative energy that emanated from the MET Gala. I’m happy to see so many are waking up to the TRUTH of this planet. Anyway, I though that this article is proof that our original reporting on the “Kanye video” may have more truth to it than even I realized….

-Black Child