Bill O’ Reilly may have outdone himself this time and may go the way of Cosby and his former boss, Roger Ailes. This after an April 1st article published by the New York Times “unearthing” million dollar settlements paid out by 21’st Century FOX to at least 5 women who claimed they were the victims of Bill O’ Reilly’s “sexual harassment”. Once this article was released, FOX had to engage in immediate “damage control” in order to avoid a public relations nightmare.
Just days after the New York Times article was published, FOX hired a top-tier law firm to “investigate” these claims made by the paper. It does seem bizarre however, that FOX would hire a law firm to investigate “claims” they already paid “hush money” for. This could be the company buying some time as they decide what to do with O’Reilly, or maybe FOX is such a compartmentalized company that those at the top didn’t know said “hush monies” was being paid out to the women, which in my opinion still sounds unlikely.
Either way, as the “investigation” commenced, “Human Rights Advocates”, and the like, were pushing heavily for O’Reilly to be pushed out. He remained hosting the program for a few nights even as the ratings got a huge push even with the “unearthed” new claims.
Rupert Murdoch and his two sons, whom own 21’st Century Fox, which is the parent company of FOX News, have now decided it is time for them to make the “final decision” on O’Reilly. If they decide to let O’Reilly remain, FOX will forever be labeled a “hostile workplace for women” and “condoning sexual harassment for ratings”. If they decide to oust O’Reilly, they may lose a good percentage of FOX News and O’Reilly’s loyal fanbase, losing money in the long run.
So, on Tuesday, O’Reilly announced on his show that he would be taking a “pre-planned vacation” because as he said it,“I grab some vacation, because it’s spring and Easter time” and, “We all need R&R”.  This means “the boss”= Murdoch & Co, told Bill they didn’t want to see his face on the network for a few days. I personally believe when they tell you to “take some time off”on television, especially two weeks as has been reported, I think they want to see how ratings will do without you.
Either way, Bill followed orders and as of right now if or when he returns is “up in the air”. But what is most interesting was where O’Reilly said he was traveling to, Italy, namely The VATICAN. Interesting choice considering Murdoch’s status as a “Papal Knight”, Black “Jesuit Illuminati”. My guess would be that O’Reilly wants to travel to Rome to ask a “higher authority” for their help.
The Murdoch’s, as all papal knights/jesuit Illuminati do, take orders directly from Rome. If O’Reilly truly wishes to go over their heads for “Approval”, Rome would be the only place to go. If all this speculation I’ve done carries any weight, then O’Reilly is playing more of a “dangerous game” than even he may realize. What any deals with these high-level Illuminati come with is more than he maybe willing to give, even if he doesn’t realize that yet.

If it all is just a “pre-planned” vacation, as O’Reilly and FOX have said, my money is on Bill O’Reilly being fired swiftly. In today’s ultra-liberal, super sensitive, “politically correct” culture, FOX News will never be able to live that reputation down, even if it is #1 in ratings. You also have to think about what happens if O’Reilly is allowed back and more “allegations” come forward, it would be an even worse PR nightmare.
So if you see that O’Reilly is back on his show in two weeks, it probably means that his “ventures in Rome” were successful.
-Black Child