After over four years of courtroom indictments, acquittals, and convictions, the legal drama surrounding ex-NFL star Aaron Hernandez is over. On April 19th, correction officers in his Massachusetts prison found him hanged by the neck from bedsheets tied around the window bars in his cell. He was soon pronounced dead at UMass Hospital at 4:07pm.

Already, the speculation as to WHAT happened to Hernandez in his prison cell has driven the internet into over-drive. Was he murdered or did he take his own life? His attorney, Jose Baez, the same South Florida lawyer who defended “tot-mom” Casey Anthony, immediately cried foul play, and insisted it “could be murder”.

However, Jose Baez is beyond a shady character, and neither him nor Casey Anthony have ever truly explained how she was paying for such a high powered firm to represent her in the first place, which leads me to believe Baez & Co are into all kinds of “dirty tricks” and are definitely players in Duality World. Baez is looking for money. Period. Playing this angle for him gives him more leverage to bilk the family for more “legal fees” continuing to litigate various issues.

My own personal opinion is that Aaron Hernandez killed himself. Regardless of what Jose Baez or any other attorney that is looking for a paycheck says, Hernandez knew he wasn’t going to get out of prison for the murder of Odin Lloyd.  He killed the man, plain and simple. The evidence, including surveillance tapes WITHIN Hernandez home, shows clear as day, Aaron was complicit if not the triggerman in killing Lloyd.


Although he has just been acquitted on a separate double homicide case, the legal drama for Hernandez was far from over. Even if they were to appeal the Odin Lloyd case, there was still overwhelming evidence for the family to sue Aaron into oblivion in civil court for a “cash payout”. There was also another pending trial against Hernandez where he was accused of shooting his “former” friend in the face back in 2013. This “former friend” also happened to testify against Hernandez in this latest trial he was just acquitted on.

Also take into consideration that since he was “bout that life”, Aaron became heavily involved in the “gang ecosystem” in prison. Therefore this equaled fights, disciplinary action, and going into “Solitary” for 23 hours a day. This naturally takes its toll on anyone, let alone someone who was getting $12 million dollar “signing bonuses” and being a “celebrity”.

It also seems that there has been a “twist” revealed, as some of the items found in Hernandez jail cell included letters to his fiancé’, daughter, and “male prison lover”, suggesting his bisexuality. This was  something that had even been brought up during Aaron’s trial over the death of Odin Lloyd, where it was suspected that Odin may have had some blackmail info on Hernandez over his relationship with another man, and that caused Aaron to kill him after Odin allegedly used words “suggestive” in reference to Hernandez in front of him.

Whether he was gay, bi, trans, or whatever, Aaron Hernandez fucked himself. He couldn’t give up the “street life”, he couldn’t give up “banging”, and couldn’t come to the realization that playing a mobster/gangster wasn’t going to allow him to make all those millions he was “guaranteed”. No, I don’t think Aaron Hernandez was a ritual sacrifice, or a blood sacrifice for the Patriots, Robert Kraft, Tom Brady, or the Elites.

Hernandez was more of an example to them incarcerated then dead. Similar to O.J., they want to see you locked up and paraded around like an animal. Some theories believe the “Star Whackers” are after his money, but the truth is the Patriots took most of their money back after Hernandez was charged with murder, even some of the so called “guaranteed monies”. Even with the few millions Hernandez’s estate may have left, the families of Odin Lloyd will surely be looking towards a civil suit. After that is all said and done, Jose Baez will re-open and open even more “investigations” and appeals until there is no money left.

As far as the Patriots meeting with Trump at the White House the day of Hernandez’s death, I feel Hernandez wanted to make sure everyone noticed his “final act”. I’ve actually knew someone who committed suicide in my own life. It is very true that sometimes, you will have no inclination that the person wishes to “off themselves”, until they’ve committed the act.

I’m not the judge, I’m not the Most High. I do believe Aaron Hernandez believed and knew who the Most High was. He knew of the judgement in the next life, and he will be judged the same way we all shall be. That’s all I have on this one.

-Black Child