A former CNBC Executive’s children were murdered back in 2012 after their nanny murdered them and left the bodies for their mother to find. The story created alot of speculation and theories after earlier the same day, CNBC the media company where the father worked, linked an article to their website about a “43 TRILLION” dollar lawsuit against people such as Timothy Geithner, Eric Holder, Anita Dunn, Valerie Jarett and others within the Government and the global financial system.

The article was posted only hours before the children’s murder. Their father was in a position at the company in which he would have been held responsible by the Zio-Freemasons for allowing them to be exposed in this way. Fast forward to 2018, the nanny is now on trial for the killings and prosecutors are trying to paint a picture that this woman slayed two children because she was asked to clean for an extra hour a day.

The theories about what actually happened may vary, but the only one who knows what happened is the nanny.