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    Nick “Wraith”

    Hello everyone. I am 23 years old, male, and child of God. I have been studying the Illuminati satanic anti-christ agenda takeover for quite some time now and have a very vast knowledge of all of the subliminal mind control symbolism, the gradual coming of a satanic takeover, and the overall downfall of our “realm” as a whole. I call it a realm because I am a firm believer in the teachings of the Book of Enoch (you can do your own research on that book). The main point I want to make here today is that I have noticed a VERY obvious shift in the South Korean League of Legends culture. If you are unaware of League of Legends, it is a 5v5 strategy game that has become a multi-billion dollar industry all around the world with a concurrent player base of 1% of the world’s population. The finals every year for this game are broadcasted LIVE on the internet and these broadcasts bring in more viewers globally than the NFL super-bowl and the NBA championship. Now with that being said, recently I have noticed a satanic shift in the LCK (League Championship Korea). The first example being they flipped their logo upside down. Their logo was once just a star with an eagle head. Now it is an upside-down star or a pentagram. The second example is their use of mirrors in the intro for the games. They show players looking at themselves in a cube mirror structure. Cube/Saturn worship. Scrying mirrors for demon summoning. Also, the mirrors to symbolize the possible multi-personalities of the players that are in their system. My third example is the best player in the world’s nickname is “The Demon King”. His game name is Faker but in Korea, he is known as the demon king. During these matches, the pentagram logo is flashed at viewers all the time. Another small example is that they recently reworked a champion (a playable character) in the game to look a lot like the anti-christ. Using words like demon and possess in the description of some of the champions abilities. Now don’t forget that this game is extremely popular and it is only going to get more popular with E-sports on the rise. Eventually E-sports will be more popular than regular sports on the Television. I believe that this is the beginning of a takeover and they’re targeting a young audience. Thank you. 

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    Nick “Wraith”

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    Nick “Wraith”

    One more thing regarding this issue and just something to think about. A player that goes by the name “Doublelift” is a pro for Team Liquid and his mother was recently stabbed to death by his older brother and put his father in the hospital. His older brother was found wandering the street with a knife and blood on him after the event. This sounds EXTREMELY fishy to me and as far as I’m concerned his brother was under some sort of a trance or on drugs. Team Liquid and Doublelift recently just won the North American League of Legends championship and are moving on to become World champions. From everything I have studied, this sounds to me like Doublelift’s mother was a sacrifice for his newfound success and he will continue to find more success. I would love to hear what anyone thinks about this or my original post ^

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    Black Child

    yeah definitely looks wicked as hell. Alot of symbolism, so much that the participants cannot NOT KNOW what is really going on. Seems like alot of money is involved here also, and South Korea appears to be another country under ILLUMINATi/Occult World leadership. One thing these occult world people believe in for sure is BLOOD SACRIFICE. So it could be probable something was set up. Its really so sad to see a whole new generation of Young people selling their souls ALL OVER THE WORLD.

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    Nick “Wraith”

    Obviously, Black Child, you’re going to make videos on whatever you want but I would LOVE to see your take on the Korean culture specifically the e-sports stars over there in a video. It is amazing how obvious the satanic references are in Korea.  Lots of men and women getting plastic surgery at a young age. Children and teens becoming incredibly addicted to technology that some parents send their kids to get electro-shock therapy to cure their addictions. The K-Pop stars that are better trained at flashing symbolism than the American music artists. I think you’ve done a video on Korean Pop if I remember correctly. Most importantly though, how the population looks at E-sports players as gods. Similarly to how Americans view people like Oprah or Tom Brady. Thank you for your time, your videos, and God Bless.

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    Nick “Wraith”

    OH  and don’t forget how 5G in Korea is coming quicker than anywhere else.

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