HEALTH is here!! Yes, this is a brand EXCLUSIVE to this website, The first product available are the HEALTH XL GOLD MYLAR SURVIVAL BLANKETS. These are sold in a 5-pack that also includes a guide with various different multi-purpose uses that the blankets can be used in. I’ve personally done quite an amount of research into this product and there are more uses for these Mylar sheets than you can imagine, even more than are in the guide. These blankets are the launch product for the HEALTH brand, and soon, with your help and support, we will launch more products as well as apparel and gear.

For those who don’t know the function or history of these Mylar blankets they were essentially created by NASA for the purpose of aiding in ““space exploration””. The blankets are made from very durable and strong polyester film which is then covered with a metallic reflective material that can reflect 97% of radiated heat. Not only can they reflect heat, they also RETAIN heat as well. Once you’ve wrapped yourself in one, these blankets can retain over 90% of your body heat at a time, so be warned it can get pretty toasty inside!


This product has the ability to save and/or prolong your life in an emergency situation where you are waiting for help to arrive, and can easily be used as a signaling device because of its reflective nature. It’s WATERPROOF and WIND PROOF. Our blankets are also 10 inches larger than your average survival blanket, less of your body is exposed with HEALTH BLANKETS versus whomever else. 

But it doesn’t only have to be used for emergency purposes. Little do people know that the young ravers, hipsters, and party kids who attend musical festivals around the world, buy these blankets to keep warm as many of these people stay in tents exposed to the elements.

Whether it be for creative purposes, or even using them in your garden, any and everyone can find a valuable use for this product!




This first campaign for the brand was entitled “HEALTH Season 1”, because if Kanye can do it, why can’t we??

Anyway, the first “season” of this campaign for the brand is truly, the beginning of everything, The beginning of the brand, the launch of this new website, and a new outlet for myself and
others to continue doing some really important work/research. Make no mistake, this was a campaign. We had a photoshoot, models, studio, it was definitely a brand new experience.

However as this campaign was “Season 1”, we plan to release more “seasons” in the near future, but as you all know, we do need to sell product to make this happen.

But I have to say that I wake up everyday and truly feel blessed that this research and passion for doing what I love has allowed me to affect other people’s lives and through this product, hopefully I will continue.

HEALTH XL GOLD 5-PACK of Survival Blankets is available now for purchase. Look out for new products soon, and I’ll make sure to keep you all informed in any HEALTH related news, and please once you purchase the blankets, leave reviews, send pictures,make videos, just help get the HEALTH brand out there!


Survival XL gold Emergency Blankets 5-Pack

Thnx for the love and support,

-Black Child