The so called “iHeartRadio” awards show that was filled with occult and Freemason symbolisms. Whether it be checkerboard floors, all seeing eyes,or blatant New World Order agendas, this “award show” was a complete pseudo-occult assault on the public. It was broadcast live over three tv stations all which are owned by VIACOM. It was something they WANTED you to see.

They also heavily promoted their new puppet of the moment, Cardi B. They showed videos of other celebrities praising her and going on about how amazing she was. She then performed and threw up satanic gestures and won an award shortly after.











In the final element of the video, we see Big Sean, who is not to be trusted in anyway, promoting yet another teleprompter reading high school student of the Majory Stoneman Douglas High School. Interestingly enough, Big Sean actually introduces the kid as, “in the drama club”, the same “drama club” that AT LEAST four of the main students calling for “gun control” have been in. Is that a coincidence?

Another thing that is bizarre is that all the students of this school that have had the most tv appearances all seem to be jewish. They all are jewish and are all calling for gun control?

Apparently,they are planning to march on Washington soon and they want people to show up and join them. The kid even says they have hundred of marches planned which really makes you wonder because you know there is ZERO percent chance these high schoolers have actually organized all these marches and rallies. They are being led, directed, and being told to read off the teleprompter. Regardless of what any of these “kids” or “students” say, this is not just about banning “assault rifles”, this is truly about accomplishing a Globalist/NWO/ AGENDA 21 mission for totally disarming the public.


The other crazy thing that happens is there’s some woman standing behind Big Sean during this whole “March for Our lives”/Gun Control moment. She stands behind Sean with this sympathetic face, but clearly she is a plant for the satanists as just moments later she is seen contorting her hand in a bizarre way and flashing Satanic Freemason “hand signals”. Its truly demonic and is evidence of this supernatural battle we face almost every moment of our existence of this realm.



Anyway, that was some of what the so called “award show” was about. As one informed member of the public to another, I just thought you should know.