Rihanna shows her allegiance to her occult handlers who CONTINUE to make this possible for her. It is supposed to be a jewelry campaign for CHOPARD, but all it looks like is an advertisement for the ILLUMINATi.

Keanu Reeves has been starring in some new “blockbusters” recently, and appears his handlers sent him out to get some updated ILLUMINATi stock photos for 2017.

Actress Leighton Meister is pregnant, and wants her friends in “Duality World” to know.

Julia Roberts does a French magazine and displays the “Lion’s Paw”/Clenched Fist Freemason gestures. Showing her high rank in “Duality World”.

Evan Rachel Wood does a so called “Power Play” and gender-bends, pushing the NWO “trans agenda”.



 Olympic Gymnast Simone Biles looks to be “on display/for sale” in this so called “photoshoot” for Sports Illustrated.


Sarah Michelle Geller and the cast of “Buffy The Vampire Slayer” reunite 20 years later to celebrate witchcraft and satanism.

Look Familiar?

Emma Coufield follows the “white rabbit”, possible MK-Ultra victim as well.

Sarah Michelle Geller gives the “Masonic M” gesture, showing her rank as “Head Witch in Charge” on this set.

Kristen Stewart hits her “Masonic M” gestures for 2017 as well.

I will continue to update with more photos for this month’s post.