Justin Bieber arrived in New York City around the same time the rest of “Hollywood” did in anticipation of the mega gathering of the industry elites, fashion “it people”, billionaires, and the top actors, models, singers, athletes, and “anyone who is anyone” at the annual “MET Gala” hosted by Vogue “Editor-In-Chief”, Anna Wintour.

Although Bieber didn’t make an appearance at the “MET Gala”, these “Duality World” types tend to think in hive mind and move in the same ways. It was no coincidence Bieber showed up in the city the same time “everyone else” did. The spiritual nature of these people, the negative energy draws itself in, = they need to be together to do rituals.

However, Bieber’s “documented/photographed” New York City trip seemed to be a little bit different from the other “hollyweird stars” documented/photographed trips, as Bieber on April 30th, the day before the “MET Gala”, was photographed outside of the Hillsong NYC Church for “Sunday Service”.

Hillsong Church was/is originally a Australian “Pentecostal Christian Church” founded by a man named Brian Houston, his wife Bobbie, and their family. The Hillsong NYC Church is run by a man chosen by the Houston family, Carl Lentz.

Carl Lentz, interestingly enough, has known Bieber for some years now as back in 2008, Carl had through a mutual friend, met a “conflicted” Bieber, “ravaged by loss”, who told Lentz he “wanted to know Jesus”, and asked the so called “Hipster Pastor”, for help.


Since that time, Lentz has become somewhat of a “celebrity” himself. He has become close to both Bieber and even NBA stars Kevin Durant and Carmelo Anthony, hosting  basketball games with stars and so on. As his public profile has increased, so have the number of parishioners to Hillsong NYC.


The “hipster pastor” also did a very interesting interview with Ms. Oprah Winfrey back in October 2016. It may be worth doing a video about, but from what I saw and have seen of “Pastor Lentz”, he is very much strong in the belief that Jesus was God/The Most High/Yahweh in the flesh here on Earth and was the sacrifice for mankind. I didn’t really see him preach any blatant Anti-Christ messages, however he is all about “the feel good” message that god/Yahweh loves this babylonian rebellious world that blasphemes and curses him everyday.

Lentz is like many/most/all of these 501c3 pastors, they won’t talk about the book of Revelations, Deuteronomy, and other bible passages that talk about the end times prophecy, Anti-Christ, Synagogue of Satan, or “Spiritual Wickedness in High Places”. For the 501c3 pastors, its all about “god loves all”, “god loves you when you continue to live in sin”, and so on.

Hillsong has been the subject of a lot of controversy as most if not all of these so called “mega churches” have come under about their “prosperity preachings” or watered-down christianity. But the church also has shown time and again, their use of occult symbolism in stage setup for performances and “sermons”. The NYC church which Carl Lentz leads has also come under heavy scrutiny for allowing two homosexuals (IN A RELATIONSHIP!) to lead a choir service.


It is this type of “new age Christianity” that the so called “hipster pastor” is trying to usher in apparently.

But back to Justin Bieber, Carl Lentz has become his go to “spiritual mentor” ever since their meeting in 2008, and on occasion, Lentz will actually become apart of Bieber’s “entourage” traveling with the star abroad to Australia, New Zealand, and even Latin America.


So these two are very close and as Beiber arrived in New York City, one of his first few photographed stops was to Carl’s NYC church for “Sunday Service”. Although there is no video of the incident, there are photographs that show Bieber yelling and/or screaming at passer-byes outside the church, and then appearing totally calm.



The photos are bizarre and Bieber looks demonic screaming like that outside the church, with some reports saying he had to be calmed down. Either way, a truly interesting happen-stance as the gathering of the “industry-demonic” at the MET Gala happened the next day.

The truth is that no matter how many times Bieber gets baptized or “Pastor Carl” prays for him, as long as Bieber stays in that Luciferian Lifestyle that he is living in, how can he truly expect to ever be “saved”? So called “Pastor Carl” is not telling Bieber or the rest of them the truth (in my opinion) because the only way Bieber can ever be redeemed is if he renounces those contracts and oaths he has made, and it appears Carl is watering it down for him as to not offend/make Justin mad, and be kicked off the entourage.

In my opinion, when Bieber gets scared about something that happens to him or he sees something horrifying in “Duality World”, he runs to Pastor Carl to “pray the demons” away. The sad thing is this is why it is called “Duality World” because I’d bet that Justin may have gone to “Sunday Service”, but days later he was partaking in straight wickedness and depravity with the rest of “Hollyweird” in NYC.

As for the “Hipster Pastor” he needs to worry about his own soul, because wanting to appease these celebrities, and “look cool”, and appear on the Kardashians show, may/WILL cost him HIS OWN SOUL.

Stay Tuned….

-Black Child