This video has about six months of complied clips of either missing people, attempted abductions, prostitution, and human trafficking. As of late, people have been focusing all their attention to what may or may not be going on in Washington D.C.. However, as the controversy melted down the internet quite a few times, the truth is people were going missing and being abducted all over the country, unnoticed by the “community at large”.

The media barely even addresses this issue, and when they do they only “skim the surface”. This video also touches on the “color codes”, or the coordinated, “pre-planned” use of certain colors to “engage” the viewer subconsciously. For some reason I’m not entirely sure of yet, most of the time when the mainstream media reports on one of the attempted abduction or kidnapping stories, they will throw on either blue, pink, or purple. It’s bizarre, but this is what comes with living in a fallen babylonian “Duality World” beast system.

So the media only really uses these stories to play into their “Hegelian Dialectic” B.S. which means not only are there countless missing and exploited people that are going unreported daily, monthly, yearly that we never hear of from the Mainstream Media, but it also means that the only people out there who may have a general interest about the whereabouts of these people are their loved ones and independent researchers like myself.

It has to be noted however that many of these violations like human trafficking, child prostitution, and organized abduction are going on at the highest levels of the so called “establishment”, and it is going on totally unchecked.

We know the elites in this country are total satanists or “occultists” as they may call it and this high level “occult game” these people play rely on human sacrifice to practice their satanic rituals. Freemasonry and other secret societies are involved. Black market human “snuff films”, all types of various pornography and the like, are produced through the use of “trafficked/abducted” individuals.

Police are involved, lawyers, judges, bankers, schoolteachers, professors, doctors, “news reporters”, FBI, CIA, NSA, Military intelligence, the list goes on. It is organized, and these people feel they have the right to kill anyone to protect these “operations”.

Whether it be for organ harvesting, the sex trade, or “rituals”, as a researcher, finding out what happened to these people, or what IS happening to these people is crucial to finding out more about this “Duality World” beast system that continues to oppress ALL of humanity.

We’ll continue to look into this….stay tuned.

-Black Child