It’s real and the Censorship I and so many other truthers out here were warning of has truly come to past. More than 5 truth channels I know have been completely terminated in the last week. Today, it was my turn. I’m not sure if I will upload my “CATALOG” back to YouTube. It may not be worth it at this point. New videos may just be what I mostly post with an older upload thrown in every now and then. But I can’t in good faith just give these people my creative work so they can censor it and tell me a video I did FOUR YEARS AGO is now to “offensive” to allow me to continue.

This particular video they used to terminate the channel was simply a 20 minute video with clips from the 1997 film, “The Game”. I used scenes from the movie to how many of the characters roles in the film could be what many people call “Crisis Actors”. It was no personal attack on anyone nor did I bully, harass, or threaten anyone. It was only because I used the term “crisis actor” that I was terminated. It’s B.S.

Stay tuned,

-Black Child