Yes, I finally have a website. The Black Matrix will try to be everything that people have come to know “The Black Child” YouTube channel to be. Having this website allows us to cover more ground, more news and information than just the YouTube channel can provide. I’ve been making content on YouTube for over four years now, and the time to make a content driven website had passed some time ago. So with that said, I introduce you to THE BLACK MATRIX.


The site will feature all of the videos published on “The Black Child” channel, as well as a personal “blurb” giving my thoughts on the creation of, and the overall thought process behind each video. I will try to give a more personal feel to this site and give you all a more behind the scenes aspect to the production of the vids. I will also write on some of the news stories of the day with my own personal thoughts, compounded with what I know through the few years of research I have acquired about the so called “DUALITY WORLD”.


Eventually, I’ll start accepting articles written by others to be published on the site, with the thought of (hopefully) having consistent contributors to THE BLACK MATRIX. I will always make sure that comments are allowed, and that you all can freely comment and give opinions to articles and so on, even if we all don’t necessarily agree all the time.


The last really amazing part of this site is the HEALTH brand that is featured here. I will write a  article about HEALTH on its own, but I want you all to know that this brand is 100% owned and operated by yours truly. I put the labor and love into this product/brand, along with the help of some truly talented, creative, and loyal people that this wouldn’t have been possible without. There are so many different uses for this product that I know once you buy it and receive it in the mail, you will be a HEALTH customer for life. (hopefully.)

Survival XL gold Emergency Blankets 5-Pack

I truly hope that this site can become a trusted place of information sharing among the community of conscious people and those of like minds. Here goes nothing….