At this point we’ve all heard, on April 7th, 2017, President Donald Trump ordered 59 “Tomahawk Missiles” to hit a Military airstrip in Syria in response to “allegations” that Bashar-Al-Assad carried out a “Chemical Weapons” Attack that has claimed the lives of 80 civilians in the Syrian town of Idlib. The moment Trump ordered the strike, the dynamic concerning how people felt about him totally changed.


The Mainstream media as well as the D.C. political machine who have been attacking him publicly for the last year, have suddenly changed their tune and have lauded Trump’s “tough stance”. However, the “grassroots movement” that heavily supported Trump throughout the election became furious at his actions, not only because the idea that he would give into to the warmongering “Neo-Cons” wet dreams and proceed to bomb Syria into oblivion, but also because there seems to be no definitive proof that Assad nor his military either ordered the attack, or even had those type of “Chemical Weapons” in the first place.

Regardless, Trump’s UN Ambassador, Nikki Haley went to the UN and said in no uncertain terms that the bombing operation will continue if “immediate action” isn’t taken. This is truly becoming the opening act of the international saga that many will call, World War III.

Vladimir Putin who is heavily leveraged behind the leadership of the Arab nations, namely Iran and Syria, has closely aligned himself with the Assad regime and once learning of the American airstrikes condemned them as an
“Illegal and Disgraceful Act”. Russia has also suspended an agreement it made with the United States over military airspace over Syria. This agreement allowed for cooperation between the two countries to prevent accidental aircraft “encounters” over Syria.

In the last 24 hours, Russia has also moved one of its warships toward the region in the waters around Syria where the American warships launched the Tomahawk Missiles.

Although these may just be “war games”, it is only about 3 Months into Trump’s administration and they have already launched a military campaign against Assad and Syria. The probability that the situation in the region will de-escalate is slim at this point.

It also should be noted that at the same time Trump launched the strikes on Syria, the Chinese President, Xi Jinping was visiting with his wife at the so called “Winter White House”, Mar-A-Lago, on the first US-China summit with new President Trump. As they sat down to dinner, the United States Military was bombing the Syrian airfield.

This was clearly used as a “subliminal” to the Chinese and their proxy, North Korea. By having Xi Jinping watch Trump personally order a bombing campaign in his presence, the Americans are hoping the Chinese will run back and tell Kim-Jong-Un, the North Korean dictator that the Americans will take action against him as well if he doesn’t “chill out”.

Whatever signals Trump and his administration sent the Chinese, they received the message as the Chinese president and his wife hightailed it out of Florida within a few hours of the strikes on Syria.

What is very interesting however, is the timing of these events. What would be the probability that a “chemical weapons” attack would hit Syria just as the “international community” was pushing to let the Syrian people “decide their own future”, as Assad, Russia, and Turkey, were beginning to come together for “peace talks” and Assad was in the best possible position his regime has been in years? The timing of Xi Jinping arriving to America to meet with President Trump, and all of a sudden, a SARIN GAS Attack happens, Assad is blamed (again) with no substantial evidence, the “international community” shifts their view toward “regime change” again, and a bombing campaign is launched against Syria by Trump.

It appears we are looking at more false-flag operations being ran out of Syria by CIA/MI6/Mossad funded operatives. Some have said that the so called “White Helmets” or militants being backed by the West to de-stabilize and overthrow the Syrian government, were the true perpetrators of the SARIN attack.

The Russian government also says some days before the chemical weapons attack in Idlib, the Syrian Military carried out an airstrike on some of these so called “militants”, and upon doing an investigation on the ground, they found a large munitions cache, INCLUDING chemical weapons, the same chemicals used on the civilians in the village.


At this point it is clear that Trump is being heavily influenced by the ZIONISTS in his administration, namely Jared Kushner. Jared apparently just came back from a trip to Iraq where interestingly only a few days after his departure, the “chemical weapons” attack went down in Syria. It is clearly obvious that there are elements within the “Deep State”/Shadow Government that operate above the president. These “elements” are staging events and false flag terror and the Zionists in D.C. convince Trump to “get with the program”.

It’s back to business as usual in Washington with endless “international interventions”, endless war, and endless destruction. Trump pledged that he would put “America First”, but it appears he is putting “Shadow Government/State of Israel FIRST”, as all American Presidents have done in the past and seemingly will continue to do.

Was Trump brought in to Marshall in WW3? At this point only time will tell, but it is obvious Trump is listening to the “Illuminati Agents” within his administration.

-Black Child