I don’t think most people even know what this  even is. It goes by different trade names, “Heatsheets”, Mylar, Space Blankets, and so on, these blankets usually are seen by the public in one of two scenarios. The first being after or during a marathon you’ll see these wrapped around the runners, keeping them warm. The second scenario is after a “terrorist attack/mass causality event” where emergency services will be seen providing the injured blankets to stave off hypothermia and shock.


They initially were created by NASA for aerospace engineering, but are used now mostly by backpackers, campers, and “outdoors-people” as they can be essential to creating makeshift tents, reflecting heat back from a campfire, and/or just wrapping up in to keep warm or sleep on top of.

For most people, they don’t see how this product can help them day-to-day, however there are so many “life hacks” that these mylar sheets can provide.

Since these blankets reflect back 97% of radiated heat, ANYTHING wrapped in these blankets will reflect both light and heat from them, making an excellent makeshift insulation for tents, cars, and RV’s. Keep the sun out, and you cool inside.

Many D.I.Y.’ers (Do It Yourself) have found easy ways to keep their homes cool by creating “Mylar Window-shades” that are quite effective in keeping the heat out.

Many people who have “indoor grows”, meaning who are growing “plants” (whatever those may be) inside their homes or apartments will set some Mylar Blankets around their plants and let light directly hit the plants, with the Mylar, this will maximize the amount of light your plants can get and speed up the growth process.

Of course not all people are operating an “indoor grow”, but because of their reflective and versatile nature, these blankets have been discovered to have properties that allow them to evade thermal detection. It has even been reported that the “taliban” were selling or buying “Anti-Drone Tents”, made exclusively out of mylar blankets as they learned this themselves.

They also are a great “arts & crafts” tool and many people use them for creative purposes. Most of the “creatives” I know, when I’ve showed them this product their eyes light up and you can tell they are inspired to “do something” with them.


Kids Love Them Too.

Whether they be for medical purposes, “life hacks”, camping outside, or even having a picnic in the park, these Mylar blankets can have a purpose for everyone. The great news is that this website actually sells this product. XL, Gold 5-Pack of HEALTH Emergency Blankets are the exclusive product of  theblackmatrix.com, and I hope that not only you support our operation here, but find ways of your own to utilize this product in your everyday life.

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