It’s a work in progress…still. Like anything great, it may take awhile to truly get up and running. As I’ve mentioned some on the YouTube channel, I’m juggling a few different things at once. But I actually do enjoy writing and I really want this site, to be publishing content on a daily basis.

There are still some edges that need to be smoothed out on this site before I start accepting contributors to the site. There has actually been a massive  response to my asking for contributors/writers. Depending on how things go, there may be “jobs” to be created from this site.

Lately on my YouTube channel there has been a lot going on in terms of my actual videos and the issue of COPYRIGHTS. Already, two of my videos, the “Dr.Phil BETA Sex Slave” video as well as “DUALITY WORLD/Part One” both have been blocked worldwide. This essentially means I will either have to fight the copyright holders in “appeals” or “remix” the videos to bypass these “copyright issues”.

The so called “remixing” of many videos, even beyond those two, is something that I have on my “to do list”. The “Twins” video is another popular video on the YouTube channel that was blocked just as it was about to become trending.

Many people have asked why can’t I just upload all these videos to this site? The answer is this site doesn’t have the capabilities to house and store all of my videos without YouTube “hosting” the video, as doing this cost $$$$, money that right now I don’t have to achieve this.

Therefore, the only videos that can be played on this site are the videos that are hosted on YouTube. Some have said upload to torrent sites, vimeo, etc, but I would rather have all the videos, even blocked ones on YouTube, available here on the site, even with a possible download link. This is so people can comment, etc, and I know where the videos are.

So of course, please support this operation by purchasing a pack of HEALTH Emergency Blankets. Already, so many have supported us and the HEALTH brand, and its been beyond a blessing. When I see that people are buying them, it really inspires me to keep this thing alive, as I know that because of it, we will continue to effect change in this matrix system, one day at a time.

So bear with me, it’s a daily process here on my end, trying to put out the best informative content I can. Sometimes we have to realize that asking for help, isn’t always a bad thing. It makes us human, everyone, even the strongest willed, determined, independent people, sometimes need to put the pride aside, and say “Help me out here”. So, while I get some help to manage some of these various outlets, please know I’m with you all and your support means everything.

Much Love,

-Black Child

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