After more than 50 major advertisers on YouTube have pulled their money and ads from the platform, you can cut the tension with a knife. YouTubers are freaking out as many believe “this may be the end”.

This all happened after the major advertisers were “informed” that their ads were being played before, during, and after videos classified as “hate speech”, “ISIS propaganda videos”, and videos that altogether wouldn’t be deemed, “Advertiser Friendly”.  As such, for the last month(s), (and for the foreseeable future,) the amount of money coming into YouTube for “ad revenue” = how YouTubers get paid, has significantly decreased, meaning there is fear in the air, and blood in the water.

The media initially blamed “PewDiePie”, the so called “Most Famous YouTuber”, because of videos he did they alleged promoted “anti-semitism”. Even though his judgement is terrible and just shows what type of content is on his channel, it was quickly debunked that the media over-reacted, (as usual.) and  that he wasn’t RACIST, just an idiot with too much time and money on his hands.

However, Felix aka “PewDiePie” lost some endorsements and brand deals behind it, and the “controversy” behind the matter intended the scrutiny on YouTube to better “monitor” the site to ensure the “wholesome family images/morals” these companies so call “believe in” don’t end up on “extremist” and “hate speech” type videos.

That has led to not only a huge cut in the “ad revenue” for the millions of YouTube creators, but now many of the creators on the platform have also noted an increase in the amount of “de-monetizations” of their videos, meaning videos that were previously playing ads before or during, were now “de-monetized”, meaning the ads and payment are disabled on that video.

YouTubers have said that many of the videos that get de-monetized are videos that “may” have some sort of “political tone” to them. Many have also said their videos had no “political tone” at all, and still, get de-monetized anyway.

*It also should be noted that the term “political tone” is subjective, meaning it is open to interpretation so this means YouTube, and their employees are in charge of defining what is “political” and what isn’t. It’s a slippery slope when people’s livelihoods and source of income becomes entangled in someone else’s interpretation of their views, whether they be “political” or not.

This has led to more claims of YouTube censorship, and theories of YouTube going the route of FaceBook, and becoming a fascist-leftist propaganda machine that limits and pacifies free speech.


Notwithstanding the fact that there is a limit to what you can say/should say on the internet, and what should be allowed for the public to consume on a platform like YouTube, the idea that “ISIS Propaganda videos” is the reason why someone can’t voice their opinions about “news of the day” without losing their source of income is wrong, and gives the accusations on YouTube “censorship” merit.


Now as a YouTuber that has been uploading on the platform for over 3 years now,  I can say a lot about this whole thing. I can tell you as someone who “rocks the boat”, that YouTube has been censoring people who they deem “problem children” for a while, and now, whatever algorithms they created to monitor these channels has now spread to “everyone else”, and if you don’t “tow the line”, the monetization of your videos are in jeopardy.

These algorithms have also created another major problem that really isn’t addressed, disappearing view counts. Many YouTubers, including myself have noticed and voiced their concerns that the number of views on certain videos will either drop, the view count will freeze, subscribers aren’t notified of new uploads, and various other “glitches”.

Personally, I feel this may be the biggest issue in terms of “ad revenue” and getting paid on YouTube. If views “glitch”, freeze, and the numbers mysteriously decrease, it would be clear that content creators on the platform are losing thousands, if not millions on these so called “glitches”.









So is this the end for YouTube? Yes and no. “The boycott” from the major advertisers will pass once the executives from YouTube and Google promise they will add stricter restrictions to the content creators in return for the ad money. In terms of the YouTube “glitches”, that seems to be a problem with no end in sight, which again in my opinion, robs the content creators thousands of dollars monthly in “ad revenue” as well.

I believe for the bigger mainstream channels, this rough patch “may” get better as the advertisers realize they “aren’t the problem”. In the end, people like myself and others will probably be most negatively impacted. Making a living or attempting to do this full-time on YouTube becomes even more difficult when most content creators make their money and fund their operations on the “ad revenue”.

However, for a so called YouTube “Truther”, or any YouTuber for that matter, not relying on “ad revenue” or even YouTube as your main source of income is the best possible position to play. As we all see, it can be fleeting and can end tomorrow. This is (one of) the reasons why I have created the HEALTH brand, to allow this operation to not relying on being “Advertiser Friendly” to make an income.

Soooo….buy a pack of HEALTH Survival Mylar Blankets on your way out, they’ll keep you warm and dry in extreme conditions, and of course, you will be 100% supporting this operation.

-Black Child