It just never ends. I logged into YouTube yesterday late last afternoon to be hit with not only two “community strikes”, but a “copyright strike” as well. The copyright strike removed the “Cardi B” video I posted a few days ago and the community strikes disabled my uploading abilities altogether.

 Youtube says it will take two weeks for my uploading abilities to be restored.

There’s not much for me to say at this point other than I’m not really surprised. I was caught off guard by the fact they hit me with two at once, which showed me how they strategize getting you out in one fell swoop without the creator seeing it coming. Unfortunately, this is part of the “game” we creators have to play with Youtube.

We can’t pretend the shooting at Majory Stoneman Douglas High School and the immediate online ‘aftermath’ didn’t have anything to do with this either. After many ‘auto-hoaxers’ started to post videos immediately calling the shooting a “HOAX”, as in “nobody died, nobody got hurt”, the main individual targeted was David Hogg, one of the students at the high school. Hogg appeared on a Los Angeles CBS News affiliate, KCAL9’s random story about a fight on a beach. David Hogg appeared all in the camera for the story which was filmed in 2017, once this video re-surfaced, all hell broke loose and the backlash against him was immediate.

He and the other students were called all types of ‘crisis actors’ and the shooting was all “FAKE” according them. Even though there are many graphic photos and videos showing ACTUAL dead kids at the school, “the blood was fake”, “why were people filming?”, and on and on. I have been attacked by the “Auto-hoaxers” in the past myself for not immediately calling everything a hoax.


I do not believe EVERYTHING IS A HOAX! I do know that our country, our planet, “this matrix/beast system” is run by absolutely corrupted, evil, satanic people who will kill anyone or anything to advance their agendas or to keep the public from knowing the truth of the SORCERY used to brainwash the human race. However, I’ve had family members murdered and know people who (may/allegedly) have murdered others. I know murder and death is apart of the human experience, therefore I just can’t honestly bring myself to believe and then to tell others “nobody died, nobody got hurt”, everything is a HOAX.

Now does that mean that I don’t believe many/most of these shootings were carried out by perpetrator(s) other than the “patsy” or “lone wolf”? Absolutely. From the Aurora “Dark Knight” Shooting, the Bataclan Nightclub shooting, to even the Mandalay Bay shooting in Vegas, we see coverups, inconsistencies, and straight up lies.  But that doesn’t mean “no one died”, it just means that there is a coverup to hide who REALLY did it, or who really knows who did it.

In defense of the”auto-hoaxers” however, I will say that the Boston Bombing does/did appear to be “FAKE”, “hoaxed”, and not real. Which then led to the entire Watertown community in Boston being placed under MARTIAL LAW and having militarized police forcing them out of their homes as they looked for the “terrorist” who later said he believed he was under “government mind control”.



This is a very controversial topic within the “truther community”. You have many ‘truthers’ who say these things “never happened”, while you have many who say they did happen, but the government used “patsies” to cover up their involvement in the actual murdering of citizens, similar to 9/11.

This controversy has now come up again in reference to the Parkland Shooting. This time, I’m assuming because the victims are “kids” and in High School, any online attack on them is seen as “Bullying” them. Now in the last six months I’ve already seen my own “Crisis Actor” & “Hoax” videos taken down because of YouTube’s new “cyber-bullying” policies. Any and all videos titled “Crisis Actor”, “Hoax”, “Drill”, etc is now almost immediately flagged and taken down. This usually results in a “community strike” because of the violation of YouTube’s “bullying” policies.

In the aftermath of the Parkland shooting, 75%-87% of YouTube posters on this shooting have been hit with either one community strike or multiple strikes and got their entire channel taken down. I was one of them. But some people are getting up this afternoon with NO CHANNEL at all.


As long as we post on YouTube’s platform, we are

subjected to their censorship. Its the reality.

But “as such”, I’m currently looking at other sites to post videos, and share info with all of you. Right now I’ve had multiple people suggesting that I switch over to STEEMIT, D-Tube and other hosting sites.

But on a final note, I would like to say that although I don’t believe that these High School students in Florida were “Crisis Actors”, I do believe that they love being in the camera, and are using their ‘tragedy’ to take away Americans constitutional rights. At this point the ‘kids’ know absolutely what they are doing and are trying to demonize anyone who doesn’t agree with them. “Because they are a victim, if you disagree with their political agendas, You are wrong and a horrible person.” Or even a so called “Russian Bot”. This is wrong and must be exposed.

The “auto-hoaxers” many times have very valid points and as I’ve said before, I’ve had videos taken down for titling them “Crisis Actor”, “hoax” etc. But as a late, I have realized that titling any video in this way is a sure-fire way of getting kicked off the platform. We have to be alot more “circumspect” with how we post these videos, especially if you have some sort of following on YouTube.

I still plan on writing another article going more in depth about these students and the propaganda and agendas they are “TRYING” to force upon Americans, so please stay tuned for that.

I will keep you all informed with any future moves I make and I just ask that you all stick with me during my “suspension”, and know these “suspensions” and terminations will never stop the truth.

Love You All.

-Black Child