The video lasted a good two days before YouTube pulled it for “inappropriate content”. Imagine that. So it doesn’t seem that YouTube is serious at all about easing up on their Communist-Marxist flagging/censorship policy and apparently now this has only caused them to “turn up the volume” on purging those they don’t like. This is what caused the shooting in the first place, isn’t it?

If you haven’t heard by now, a 39 year old Iranian YouTuber named Nasim Aghdam drove to the YouTube HQ in Santa Bruno, an over 8 hour drive from her home in San Diego, CA and shot three YouTube/Google employees, wounding them before turning the gun on herself and committing suicide. Nasim was the only fatality in the incident. This woman had a channel consisting of “workout videos”, music and parody videos, and more recently, talking about YouTube demonitization and the censorship of her channel.




Of course this was a major story for many of us who operate YouTube channels, and its a relatively “hot topic” considering the circumstances, especially about the effect of the de-monitization and Communist level style banning taking place on the platform as well as social media as a whole. But once again, if YOUR OPINION DOESN’T “AGREE” WITH THE ‘MAINSTREAM’, EXPECT TO BE CENSORED/SHUT DOWN!!!!!!

My video talking about the incident was promptly shut down by YouTube, for “inappropriate content”. No graphic images, no violence, the only thing “inappropriate” in the video, was me calling YouTube out on THE BS. See because not everyone is just going to sit back and accept the censoring of their hard work, creativity, and love. Some people are so serious about this “YouTube Life” they WILL pop off shots at Google to let them know how they feel. People use YouTube to vent, let off steam, control anxiety, laugh, connect with people, and be themselves (sort of.). If people don’t have access to that, or feel their access to it is being censored UNFAIRLY, you always run the risk of getting a “disgruntled” individual who did what Nasim Aghdam did April 3rd.

I also want to address some things that people were commenting on when the video was up (for two days). So many commenters were saying that this woman is a transgender, born a man, MTF, the whole thing. Many people were also telling me I was wrong for not calling it a “total hoax” (“nobody died, nobody got hurt”) and that this woman Nasim Aghdam wasn’t even real and was a AI (artificial intelligence) System.

Ok everyone. I know right now we are living in a time where these so called “trans” people are demanding to be seen as “real women” and many of them nowadays are able to infiltrate and fly under the radar without people really knowing. HOWEVER, people need to understand that there are some women that are over 6 feet tall, just like there are some women that have masculine features. Whether you want to accept that or not, I cant help you.¬† Now-a-days, if I put ANY WOMAN in one of my videos, she’s immediately “was born A MAN..”. Maybe some of you are right, some of these individuals are MTF & FTM. However this blanket¬† statement of “Born A Man, Born a Female” is somewhat similar to the “auto-hoaxing” where regardless of the situation, its always this ONE THING, ALWAYS. And I’m sorry, but I just don’t/can’t agree with that.

Was Nasim very tall and have somewhat masculine features? Yes. She did. But watching her videos and hearing the voice I’m more inclined to believe she was born a woman. That’s just me.

In terms of the “auto hoaxing”, alot of it takes away from the “FREE WILL” element of humanity living on this planet. For me, “Free Will” is something every human being is born with, so when I see someone “go off” and shoot people, I know its POSSIBLE that a human being exercised their “free will” and did it. I also know that there is a element within the Military Industrial Complex that plans and stages events to exert psychological control over the populace. I’ve seen shootings happen in front of me so I know BULLETS ARE REAL, shootings are real, and death is real. This is why I don’t usually jump on the “false flag” bandwagon until I have reasonable suspicion that it was. I’m sorry but that’s just how I work.

This YouTube shooting was something that many people on the platform had been predicting, that the censorship/banning policies would drive someone off the edge. When it comes to money, and people’s living/life situation, and you tell someone they will lose their income and whatever bills or living expenses where tied into that income, people can become unpredictable very quickly. People have lost their minds for alot less.

So in conclusion, the point I was trying to make in the video that was too “inappropriate” for YouTube was that if you continue to censor people based on their political and cultural ideologies, you should expect more violence to ensue. I don’t condone nor endorse it, but everyone has a limit and you never know what that “limit” really is until sometimes its too late. Be nice to people, be courteous, you never know what someone else is going through, and ACCEPT/RESPECT THE OPINIONS of OTHERS!!, Even if they don’t agree with you, because the day you censor their opinion, is the day you have SILENCED YOURSELF.

Susan Wojcicki , YouTube CEO

-Black Child